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Launched2Lead is a 3 year, intensive professional development program that provides curriculum, mentorship, and community for new hires,
ensuring the development of an inclusive culture through diverse, prepared, and engaged leaders.

At Launched2Lead, we focus on 3 modes of learning to guide women in entry-level positions to becoming successful company leaders: Knowledge, Application, and Networking & Mentorship.

Professional Development


Developing your personal leadership style and building your professional relationships.

The first lesson we’ll teach you: you are not your job title. In year one, we’ll take a deep dive into professional self-discovery. Who are you as a professional? As a leader? What motivates you? What do you bring to the table? And, the next step: building your professional reputation and community. How do you tell and show your colleagues, managers, and directors who you are? We’ll guide you in that process!


Writing your own story of success.

In year one, you figured out who you are and started to build your network. In year two, we’ll focus on developing deeper professional relationships through focusing on results and innovation. How do you measure your impact? How do you set yourself apart from your colleagues? We’ll teach you how to think and speak like a leader in business.


We’ll put your new skillset to the test!

Integrate what you’ve learned in years one & two, with a heavy focus on networking and mentorship, to prepare you for your new leadership role.

Are You Ready to Rise?

Leadership is not one size fits all. There is no answer key, but there is a formula of skills & strategies that are learned
and mastered by C-suite leaders.

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