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Picture this: You walk into the office (or hop into your virtual meeting, of course) to meet your new team for the first time. Suddenly, your heart sinks: you are the only person in the room who identifies as a woman. The confidence you had when you walked into the room shrivels, and your mind starts racing: Who will I lean on when I need help? How will I gain the skills to be a leader when I am the only person who has my perspective? Who will I talk to if I have an issue with a colleague?
The answer: Your Launched2Lead Community!

Launched2Lead is focused on solving the grassroots issues behind why there is a lack of women in leadership in STEM fields. For too long, young women have been discouraged from creating successful career paths within STEM. Why? They haven’t had anyone to look up to. We are ready to change that. Change starts with women empowering women by providing a safe and structured space for them to ask questions, encourage and lean on one another, build each other up, and cultivate life-long professional relationships and friendships. The Launched2Lead program provides access to a network of women: others going through the program, coaches and mentors, C-suite leaders and women who are striving to find and create inclusive, dynamic leadership in their organization. Our community will teach you how to network and give you the confidence to do it well. The development of a bold, strong and prepared community of women leaders will start to change the culture of leadership within STEM, setting an example for all of the women to come. Community Is Everything

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Leadership is not one size fits all. There is no answer key, but there is a formula of skills & strategies that are learned
and mastered by C-suite leaders.

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