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Launched2Lead programs have been designed to guide, encourage, and empower women, but what’s the best way to do that? Connect women with other women.

Our group mentorship opportunities provide a platform for conversation. It serves as a pathway for women in the program to get to know one another, build a nationwide professional network, learn from their peers and receive group coaching from experienced leaders in STEM. The intention of these groups is to build networks within our network, finding similarities between different women, industries, and demographics, and giving these groups of women the chance to find others who have experienced the same issues and successes, or have comparable personal and professional goals. Of course, professional development and growth for individuals and a shift of the current culture in STEM leadership stand as our main goals, but these groups will also allow space for women to build personal, long-lasting friendships with women in their field. These relationships will serve as the roots of the blossoming community of women leaders that will change the current status quo of who will rise today and raise future STEM leaders.

1:1 Coaching

We’ve learned that the lack of growth in the number of women leaders in STEM is partially caused by – you guessed it – the current lack of women leaders in STEM! What we mean is that it’s tough to learn, grow, and find success when you are fresh in the field in an entry-level role, and you do not have a leader with a similar background to you to look up to. Growth is organic when some of your organization’s leaders can empathize with your perspective and provide the support you need. That is where we come in. Launched2Lead provides personalized and consistent 1:1 coaching from experienced leaders for the women in our program. All young professionals need a personal, dependable and trustworthy mentor who they can rely on for professional advice, networking opportunities, interview prep, and general support and encouragement. Your coach will be introduced to you in Year 1 and remain by your side through your completion of Launched2Lead in Year 3 – and likely after that, too!

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