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Launched2Lead offers a robust curriculum that launches recent post-graduate women into the development and practices needed to understand their leadership style, skills, and confidence. The program targets the development of four key dimensions:

Personal Leadership

People Leadership

Results Leadership

Thought Leadership

For each key dimension, the curriculum is designed with outcomes and
objectives, backed into authentic experiences supported with transferable knowledge.
A modularized curriculum encompassing each key dimension will provide a predictable and replicable format for participants to move through the
program, allowing for the focus to be the learning, supported by an optimal learning structure. Each key dimension will be broken into modules with demonstrations of outcomes in each module. Additionally, each module will include portfolio development opportunities for the mentorship pathway.

In our ever-progressing global environment of learning and connecting,
the program is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning to ensure the optimal learning modality of recent graduates to build critical leadership capacity. Post-graduates engage their existing technological strengths to optimize curriculum, mentorship, and networks while building a personal data story. Participants will compile data to demonstrate the effectiveness of their participation in the Launched2Lead curriculum.
Through the application of the curriculum, a participant’s learning and
experiences will immediately and directly return the company’s investment. The benefits of a workplace context for learning is crucial to the participant’s success, as well as the company’s investment.

01 Year

Personal – 50%; People – 30%; Results – 20%; Thought – 0%


Personal – 10%; People – 20%; Results – 50%; Thought – 20%


The integration all of the dimensions of your new skillset with a heavy focus on networking and mentorship to prepare you for your new leadership role.

Are You Ready to Rise?

Leadership is not one size fits all. There is no answer key, but there is a formula of skills & strategies that are learned
and mastered by C-suite leaders.

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