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Launched2Lead was founded for one purpose: to guide young women working in STEM fields through their first three years as a professional, empowering them to develop the necessary skills and behaviors to become leaders. This leads to creating opportunities for organizations to organically develop an inclusive and compassionate culture through cultivating a pipeline of diverse leadership.
The result: Empowered, confident, and prepared women leaders, and a deliberate and accelerated growth in the number of diverse leadership candidates in STEM industries. Women benefit from direct coaching, improved skills, a community of support – and the L2 signature portfolio – a quantifiable demonstration of impact.
Organizations benefit from higher engagement, more productivity, increased retention, and improved brand by creating a more inclusive work environment.

Our Vision

To shape an inclusive, diverse culture in STEM industries by developing a community of engaged and prepared young leaders through education, mentorship, and connection.

The Outcome

Increased engagement, productivity, communication, acceptance, and retention, therefore developing deliberate and accelerated growth in the number of diverse leadership candidates, which creates a grass-roots fueled change in management strategy, building an inclusive environment within STEM organizations.

The People Behind the Mission

Anne Hungate

Head of Vision

Anne is a Transformative Executive and Servant Leader, Diversity & Inclusion Champion, and Entrepreneur with over 25 years of STEM experience.

Amy Derethik

Head of Operations and Education

Amy is a seasoned Global Executive in Educational Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Customer Acquisition and Success, & Operational Excellence.

Sara Stanton

Head of Program Engagement and Media

Sara is a young professional transitioning from new hire to emerging leader. She serves as our communicator and community builder, coming from a background in Customer Service, Communication, and Public Speaking.

Emily Caprioglio

Head of Strategic Alignment

Emily is an emerging professional, currently earning her Bachelor’s Degree in PreBusiness Administration with Minors in Public Policy and Women & Gender Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

75% of the IT Workforce are Male

Women in Tech Index by Honeypot - 2018

…and we are ready to change that!

Right now, Women are playing the wrong game: the skills, capabilities, behaviors, and techniques that help women thrive in school do not translate well in the workforce. With so few women serving as leaders in STEM fields, the gender-specific issues that women face as they grow as professionals are often overlooked.

Transformation happens when we authentically address gaps that prohibit growth for emerging leaders.

The Launched2Lead Leadership Academy aims to move the needle on this statistic by focusing on the root issue: there are not enough women in leadership. We provide guidance, empowerment, and community for women as new hires, which will accelerate their growth and provide opportunities for their organization to organically create an inclusive culture.

Are You Ready to Rise?

Leadership is not one size fits all. There is no answer key, but there is a formula of skills & strategies that are learned
and mastered by C-suite leaders.

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